Commission Info

Here is a list of commission types along with prices that I offer.
All of my prices are in USD.
If you have any questions about a kind of commission not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask.

Prices are for characters with visual references. If you’re interested in a description based character design commission, contact me and we can discuss a price.

Please direct all commission inquiries to my email, .

Terms of Service

Painted Portrait – $80 ($150 matching)

Flat rate commission.

Digitally painted character portrait.

No WIPs or revisions.

+70$ (150$ total) special price for matching icons!

Artistic Liberty – $120

Flat rate, nice commission.

Character left up to my interpretation and inspiration! Get a one of a kind piece of your character, no two look alike.

Sketchy style, experimental colors and textures!
In a pose and crop of my choice.
I may choose to change certain aspects of the design, such as the outfit.
No WIPs or revisions.

Painted Character – $250+

Full-body painted character commission with a colorful, abstract background.
More complex background +$100. (References required)
Price varies based on character and background complexity. ( Complex markings, clothing, props+weapons. )
Ask about multiple characters.

ONE WIP is provided at the sketch stage, and one free revision is possible at the sketch stage if necessary.

Revision Info:

Revisions are only possible in the sketch stage. Please have faith in my artistic ability to make you a beautiful and interesting piece!

For small changes to the piece: Please ask or point them out in the first WIP I provide. Once the first WIP is approved, I will move on to the next stages and no more revisions are possible.

For bigger changes to the piece, like changing the entire pose: Please ask or point this out in the first WIP I provide. You MUST provide me with a reference of exactly the thing you want me to do. If you cannot or do not, I will proceed with the piece.

Beyond this, small changes may be acceptable, just ask!