Commission Info

All of my prices are in USD.
If you have any questions about a kind of commission not listed here, please do not hesitate to ask.

Prices are for characters with visual references.
I do not currently work from description alone, thank you for understanding.

ALL my commission are artistic liberty.

Please have faith in my artistic ability to make you a beautiful and interesting piece!

Please contact me to request a commission!


Before commissioning me, please read my terms of service:

Terms of Service

Pocket-sized Portrait – $55

Flat rate commission.

Portrait of your character in a cute trading card style!
Inspired by your characters look and personality.
Includes a cute background!
I may make some changes to the design to fit the style, such as the outfit or hairstyle.

No WIPs or revisions.

Painted Portrait – $75

Flat rate commission.

Detailed, painted portrait of your character.

In an expression of your choice!

No WIPs or revisions.

Artistic Liberty Character

Flat rate, nice commission.

Character left up to my interpretation and inspiration! Get a one of a kind piece of your character, no two look alike.

Experimental colors and textures!
In a pose and crop of my choice.
I may choose to change certain aspects of the design, such as outfits, hairstyles, etc.
No WIPs or revisions.