Terms of Service

What I Wont Draw, No exceptions:

・Babyfur/ Cub/ Underage
・Extreme Gore, Extreme Violence, NonCon
・Hate art of any kind
・Extreme fetishes
・Most fetish/ NSFW art
・Someone else’s style

All species, humans and creatures are welcome!

Please understand that my terms are firm and not up for debate.
I reserve the right to change these terms, my prices, and the products I offer at any time.

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the terms listed below:


  • Payment is upfront, in full within 48 hours of receiving the invoice. (via Paypal invoice.)
  • Prices are in USD.
  • Work begins once full payment has been received (this includes time for pending transactions clearing)
  • I’m not able to offer refunds once work has begun.
  • I do not offer full refunds, period.
  • If for any personal reasons I decide I cannot complete your commission, a partial refund may be offered.
  • General commissions will be completed no later than 2 months following receipt & clearing of payment.
  • Special Commissions will have a specified completion date.
  • You own the rights to your character, likeness, etc. I own the rights to all of my artwork, including WIPs.
  • You agree not to represent my work as your own or edit my signature out. Reposting on other sites and social media is allowed with credit.
  • You agree not to edit the artwork, or commission another artist to edit the artwork in any way. This includes WIPs as well.
  • Finished commissions are for Personal Use only– you can share them on social media or make a personal print, but rights to Commercial Use (to resell my work as a product or to use it to advertise a business, etc) is not included in the commission price. For Commercial Use, contact me to discuss an additional licensing fee.
  • Rudeness is something I will not tolerate. If you are rude to me about your request, insult me or my art in any way, I have no problem cancelling your commission, even if work has begun.


Payment is upfront, in full. All transactions are done in USD via paypal invoice. I do not begin work until I receive payment, this includes time for pending transactions clearing.

Full payment must be submitted within 48 hours of receiving my invoice.
If a transaction is pending on paypal’s end, as long as the payment is submitted properly within 48 hours of receiving the invoice, you’re good!
If payments are slow to go through due to payment method choice (e-checks, bank transfer delays, etc) I will always wait for the payment to clear before work begins.

If you make no attempt to pay within the 48 hour window after I send your invoice, I will cancel your invoice, give your slot to someone else, and you will be blocked.

Please be respectful of my time and do not request a commission unless you’re serious.

Refund Policy

I do not offer full refunds on any work that I have begun. If you request a refund from me while I am still working on your commission I will not be able to offer it, and I will complete the piece as originally requested.
There are absolutely no refunds on completed pieces.

If you request a refund before work has begun, I may offer a partial refund of up to 80% of the original price, but not a full refund. I am not able to offer refunds on commissions under $250.
Please keep this in mind if you plan on cancelling your commission before I begin work.

If for any personal reasons I cannot complete your commission, I may offer a partial refund. The amount is dependent on how much time has been spent on the piece.

If you are rude to me or have a generally negative attitude on the art, process or anything else regarding the commission, I have the right to cancel the commission no questions asked.

If you complain about my pricing, revision policy or anything else regarding the commission, I have the right to cancel the commission no questions asked.

Please be polite and respectful of my time and work. If you’re a nice person with a positive attitude we wont have any issues!


Some of my commission types offer revisions.
Revisions are only available during the sketch stages. I will not revise a piece once painting has begun. Please keep this in mind if you are interested in commissioning me.
After 3 total revisions I will not revise a piece any longer, no matter the commission type.
I reserve the right to refuse client suggestions in cases where I feel they would hurt the overall strength of the piece or where they would clash with my overall style. For example, I may exaggerate certain features or colors to make a more exciting piece, so have faith in the final piece.
If an initial sketch goes unused, I reserve the right to reuse it for future works.

To clear up any confusion on what my revisions are like, I’ve listed some information below.

Character Painting
For this kind of commission, I currently offer one free revision at the sketch stage. This revision can be an edit to the original WIP I send or another attempt at a different pose if necessary. If you would like another attempt at the pose, a reference is absolutely necessary. If you do not provide me with a reference, I will continue with the original pose as planned. After I send a revised WIP, additional revisions are $50+ each. The price may vary based on the complexity of the piece. I will only do 3 revisions total of one piece.

There are NO REVISIONS for backgrounds.
There are NO REVISIONS past the sketch stage.

What counts as a revision?
Major revisions include changes to the poses of characters, changes to outfits, changes or additions to backgrounds, etc. These will require references to be sent to me from you, so please have them ready if you request this.
Minor revisions include changes to lengths of hair or limbs, design details of markings or weapons, expression changes, etc.

If you are unsure of what counts as a revision, please do not hesitate to ask.

Pose Revisions
If you wish for me to revise the pose, you MUST have a reference of the pose you want me to draw ready. If you don’t send me a new pose to work with within 48 hours of requesting the revision, I will continue drawing the original piece.
I reserve the right to use and and all poses from WIPs for future commissions or pieces.

Rights and Usage

You own your character(s), I own my artwork, including all WIPs and sketches.

I retain the right now and in the future to use, display, and monetize any artwork I create. This includes distributing that artwork, making physical merch, and showing the process behind it on subscription-based digital platforms like Patreon. I may also elect to publish any artwork I create in an art book or compilation work in the future. If you aren’t comfortable with this, please do not commission me.

For Commercial Use of my artwork, to use it on a for-profit product, to advertise a business, for use on a Twitch partner channel, etc, please contact me to discuss a Commercial Use agreement.
I do not offer buyouts or exclusive rights to my artwork.

All my commission types are Personal Use only unless otherwise discussed. You can post a finished commission on your personal social media, use it as an avatar/profile pic, or upload it non-commercially to online gallery sites like Fur Affinity/etc as long as proper credit is attached.

You receive these Personal Use rights for the final version of your commission only. You may not use, redistribute, or re-upload any WIPs or earlier versions I share with you during the commission process.

You may not edit, modify, or commission another artist to color or modify my work.
If you want to color a commission you’ve received from me by yourself for practice, for personal enjoyment, etc, I don’t really have a way to stop you, so feel free. With that said, you may not represent the work as your own or post it without crediting me.
If you want to commission me again to color a piece, contact me and we can work out a price.

I do not do private or secret commissions and post every finished commission I receive publicly. Do not commission me if this will be an issue for you.

You may not remove or obscure my signature or attempt to represent my work as your own.